How To Pick a Siding Contractor

How To Pick a Siding Contractor - siding contractor - Mares Dow

New siding can give you home an entire new look. Vital for curb appeal, siding is also your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Modern siding choices allow you to choose from large variety of materials and colors, as well as patch and upgrade existing siding in the case of accidental damage. The first step in creating a quality siding look and installation is to choose from reliable siding contractors in your area.  Continue reading

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10 Top Facts You Need to Consider When Starting a Home Remodeling Project

10 Top Facts You Need to Consider When Starting a Home Remodeling Project - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

Remodeling your home is a fantastic way to expand your space and create that urban (or suburban oasis) you’ve always wanted. Adding a second bathroom, expanding to a second story, or building on a new rec room are common reasons to start a home building project. There are some important considerations when you begin, from selecting your home remodeling contractor to understanding your timeline, however. Here are the top 10 things to consider. Continue reading

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Skylights & The Workplace

Skylights & The Workplace - home remodeling contractors - Mares Dow

The secret ingredient to worker productivity is both free and plentiful, you simply need to know how to harness it. And what is exactly is this productivity key? Sunlight. Natural sunlight in your office environment is a key to increasing both worker productivity and happiness, which is why your building design matters – especially when it comes to windows and commercial skylights. Discover more about how light affects the workplace and why you can’t afford to skip this step in your build. Continue reading

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Improve Productivity with Commercial Skylights

Improve Productivity with Commercial Skylights - commercial skylights - Mares Dow

Let the sun shine in. Science has proven that all creatures respond to the sun and light, and that includes us, humans. Unfortunately, most jobs won’t allow us to get outside daily for as long as we like to absorb that great old vitamin D, which is where building design matters. While most contractors will try to organize things so that your commercial site has regular windows for natural added light, this isn’t always possible. Especially in the cloudier area, like the Bay area of California, builders and owners need to get creative to make sure there are ample light and happy workers. Continue reading

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Do Commercial Skylights Leak?


Skylights are a fantastic way to cut through the winter gloom of the West coast, providing natural light during darker months. When considering commercial skylights, this added lighting can have the benefit of reducing electricity costs of artificial lighting when using Energy Star certified materials in larger spaces. Skylights can also help improve customer and employee morale — because sunshine makes people happier. In addition, skylights are an attractive addition to your business architecture.

This all sounds great, but people will often mention a huge downfall in skylights — that these windows to the sky can leak. Actually, properly installed and maintained skylights shouldn’t have any trouble with leaks. You can help avoid and prevent water problems by being aware of the following signs.

Ensure Proper Installation

Any skylight or any window for that matter will leak if not installed correctly. Modern skylights are designed to be water-tight when installing correctly, so choosing a skilled contractor is important. At the time of installation, there should be care and precision in framing the opening and applying flashing and sealant to the skylight area.

Maintenance and Cleaning are Required

Structures need cleaning and maintenance to stay in top shape, and commercial skylights are no different. A common cause of skylight leaks is the erosion of the seal to the roof over time. Older skylights may need to be replaced at anywhere between 10-20 years, while newer products can have an extended lifetime. A key to helping these seals last the longest is to schedule regular cleanings and inspections to remove dirt, mold, moss, and ice that can damage the areas where the roof and skylight meet. 

In addition, you will get the most sunlight and beauty with clean windows.

Accidents Happen

Another common cause of leaks is physical damage to a skylight. A maintenance worker might apply too much weight to a small window, a bird might generate an impact, or a hailstorm may cause cracks. Construction in your area may also put your skylights at risk. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent an accident, but choosing a good insurance and product warranty can greatly reduce and replacement cost. 

Also look for quality skylight materials, as newer products will be less likely to crack in the first place when compared to older acrylics.

Balance Skylights and Traditional Roofing Material

Temperature problems are more likely to arise with a large number of skylights and minimal roofing insulation. Lack of insulation can lead to extreme temperature differences which can cause condensation, and while condensation is not a direct leak from the outside it can still cause water problems. Always check with a licensed contractor to find the best balance between light and insulation when choosing your skylights. Consider modular skylights for larger areas, to increase stability and proper seals between different windows. Ask your architect what layouts will give you maximum light and energy efficiency, and always use energy-saving materials.

Learn more about commercial skylights in the Bay area with your local experts.

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What To Do If Your Auto Windshield Is Shattered By A Rock


If you are out driving on a country road, or even the highway a rock can be kicked up and hit your windshield. If the force is enough, this rock can shatter your windshield. It is essential to know what to do if a rock shatters your window and your auto glass replacement options.

Steps to Follow if Your Windshield Shatters

If you are driving and a rock or any large object shatters your windshield, you want to want to pull off the road as soon as it is safe. Getting off the road right away will allow you to get your emotions under control, as this is a rather traumatic experience. The other thing it accomplishes is you can assess how much damage has happened to your vehicle.

What are the Damages?

Once you are in a safe place on the side of the roadway, you want to see how much damage has happened to your vehicle. If your windshield has only a small crack or chip, it is safe to drive your car for auto glass replacement of your windshield.

If the windshield has shattered, or if you are going to experience difficulty seeing through a crack, you should not drive the vehicle. If there is any risk that the windshield is going to continue cracking or break apart, you should also not drive it any further. If you should hit a bump or drive over any rough surface, it would be enough to complete the shatter.

Another reason not to drive with a cracked windshield is that it is illegal. If the authorities see you driving with a damaged windshield, especially if it is in your line of vision, you will be ticketed. You will want to contact a professional glass repair service, such as Dan’s Glass, to have your vehicle towed to receive a safe auto glass replacement.

Replace the Windshield

When a windshield is cracked from a rock or other large object, it will very likely shatter. It must be replaced as there will be no way for it to be repaired.

Before you have work started on your windshield, check with your auto insurance provider to make sure the work will be covered and what they require to provide the coverage. The insurance company may ask that you send them pictures of the damages. Some companies may even want to send out an agent to inspect the damages. You will want to know if this is the case on your policy before the proof disappears through a replacement.

Your windshield is perhaps the most crucial safety feature on your vehicle. You want to ensure your windshield is in top condition. If you suffer any damage to this part of your car, you have to check with a professional glass repair service to verify its safety and determine if you need an auto glass replacement.

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What Does the NFRC Label Mean For Your Commercial Skylights?

skylight-commercial skylight-Mares Dow

When it comes to installing commercial skylights, smart business owners will spend time researching the many options available to them to find the best product for their needs. For most people, this means evaluating the style and materials of the skylights, the price, and the performance rating of the various brands and models. But how do you compare the quality of skylights when there are so many different factors to consider? This is where the National Fenestration Rating Council, or NFRC, comes in. 

Continue reading

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Can Skylights Reduce Your Electricity Bill?



It is very common to weigh the pros and cons of skylights before committing to this medium-sized project and investment. Whether you are working with home remodeling contractors to install residential skylights or you are exploring your options for commercial skylights for your business property, today’s skylights have come a long way in tipping the balance more clearly toward their benefits. 

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Leaking Commercial Skylight or Condensation?

commercial skylight - Mares Dow

When it comes to the pros and cons of commercial skylights, the list of benefits is a long one. Skylights provide natural light in spaces that might not have access to it through windows, and skylights bring all the benefits of that natural light – improved employee productivity and well-being and overall energy savings in building operations. However, skylights, like any feature of the building envelope, are susceptible to damage and leaking. Skylights can also fall victim to condensation. But how do you tell which problem it is in your building? If you notice a drip, drip from your skylights, here are some of the signs and causes of leaks and condensation so you can determine which is the culprit and find the right fix.  

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5 Tips for Planning an Accessible Bathroom Remodel


Planning an accessible bathroom remodel may seem overwhelming, but with the help of your local home remodeling contractors, you can rest assured that you will end up with a space every member of your household can use. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you and your team work together on your bathroom design. 

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