Crack In The Windshield: Is it a Big Deal?

Crack In The Windshield-auto glass replacement-Dans Glass

There are different laws in each state pertaining to a cracked windshield. Having a damaged windshield can lead to a variety of hazards, and in California, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle with a crack in the windshield which makes auto glass replacement important.

California Law for Defective Windshields and Rear Window

Under California Law, Vehicle Code 26710 it states it is unlawful to operate a motorized vehicle on the roadways if the windshield or rear window are in a defective condition, and impair a driver’s vision either to the rear or front of the vehicle.

If the windshield does not comply with this code, an officer of the Law will direct the driver they have 48 hours in which to make auto glass replacement for whichever window is in disrepair conform to the requirements of Penal Code 26710.

The officer is allowed to arrest the driver and give them notice to appear with the requirement the driver, or the owner of the vehicle produce satisfactory evidence in court as to the proper repairs having been completed.

Which Vehicles are Affected by the Law?

The law enforcing proper windshield and rear windows affects all private and public motor vehicles. The law also covers any trucks, buses, passenger vehicles, fire trucks and engines, and husbandry implements.

Are There any Exceptions to this Law?

The only exceptions to this Law are if you are driving a vehicle which does not require a windshield. Your vehicle would have to have identification plates issued before Section 5004 was put into Law for this exception to apply.

Why is a Cracked Windshield Dangerous?

Impaired vision is the main concern with a cracked windshield, but not the only one. With a crack in your windshield, it is no longer as strong, and if involved in an accident, it could cause severe damages.

If your vehicle is involved in a rollover accident, the windshield is designed to be strong enough to keep your roof from crushing more than five inches from the force. If the vehicle is involved in a front end crash, the windshield and its sealing system have been designed to keep at least fifty percent of the glass sealed to the car. This sealing process helps to keep occupants from being ejected through the windshield area.

When there is damage to your windshield, or it is cracked, the strength of the windshield is compromised. It no longer is able to help reduce the risk of injuries if involved in an accident.

Does a Cracked Windshield Have to be Replaced or Repaired?

A professional glass installer, such as Dan’s Glass can inspect your damaged windshield to determine if the crack can be repaired, or if you need an entirely new windshield.

The difference between having a new windshield installed or having a crack repaired will depend on the extent of the damage. If a crack is less than three inches in length, or if there is less than a quarter-sized chip, chances are good, the windshield can be repaired.

If the windshield is cracked in direct line of the driver’s vision, some professionals will decline to attempt a fix. Even a repair located in this area of the windshield will affect your vision while driving.

If the damage to your windshield is too severe to fix, you may end up spending a couple of hundred dollars to have it replaced. This cost may seem high to some, but consider the alternatives of possible fines from an arrest, or severe injuries during an accident.

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Popular Types of Fencing


When building a wood fence, you want the strongest, most durable material available in order for the fence to last for years. To help you choose the most appropriate materials for your reclaimed wood fence, The Lumber Baron created a quick reference of how each of the 4 most popular wood types used in fencing compare.

Reclaimed Redwood

Redwood is one of the most popular types of fencing. The lumber contains natural oils which resist rot and insect infestation. Using reclaimed redwood increases the durability of the lumber because it typically comes from the denser heartwood of old-growth trees. The biggest drawback for using redwood is the cost of the material, but that cost is offset by the fact that fewer repairs will be required over time.

Cedar Fencing

Like redwood, cedar contains oils which prevent decay and repels insects. Unlike many softwoods, cedar is likely to warp, which means less maintenance and repair resulting from exposure to the elements. Cedar tends to be less expensive than redwood, but it is also less durable over long periods of time. Because it is easy to work with, cedar lumber is often used for lattice fencing, picket fences, and other decorative fence types.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir can be found in the same forests as redwood and grows to a similarly large size. It has a yellowish-white color which darkens to an orange color as you get closer to the heartwood. Reclaimed Douglas fir does not contain the same pest and rot resistant oils as redwood, however. For this reason, building a fence with Douglas fir will produce a nice-looking fence but will require repairs and board replacements in as little as a couple of years. Because it is more economical, Douglas fir is often pressure treated to increase durability and used for fencing and posts.

Oak Fencing

White oak is sometimes used as fencing material, but it is not generally the most appropriate choice. Because oak is a hardwood, it is more difficult to work with and more likely to exhibit splitting or separation after installation. Furthermore, oak has a tendency to warp due to extreme weather conditions. Oak has a nice grain structure and appearance but is not well-suited for natural wood fencing.

Keep in mind that the grade of lumber you select will affect the longevity of your fence. For best results, use select or clear grade lumber because knotty wood is going to have more vulnerabilities to moisture and insect damage. And while all types of lumber are more durable after sealing or painting, using lumber which is naturally resistant provides a level of protection which should not be overlooked.

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What to look for in a window installation company


The windows in your home are your view to the outside world as well as your protection from the elements outside. When it is time to install new windows or replace old ones, you want an installation company that has the experience to do the job right.

When an installation company comes to your home for residential window replacement, you want them to do quality work and install quality windows. You will build a relationship with this company that may go beyond the installation process, so you want a company you can trust.

When comparing window installation companies, consider these factors to help you decide which company will work best for you. Using more than just a dollar value can get you both a stylish window with a reliable window installation company to put them in your home or business.

Cost of the Window Installation

Rarely does a person go into the process of replacing windows and not have to worry about how much it will cost. You will have a budget to work within, so you want to find the best deal. Getting hung up on the cost can be a negative factor; however, if you are willing to give up on craftsmanship, material quality, and installation experience.

Looking beyond the sticker price and looking instead at the potential cost of the replacements throughout their life could potentially save you money in the long run. You don’t want to replace your residential glass with a product that will require maintenance or cost you more in energy bills. Energy efficient windows installed by an experienced installer will cost you less over time.

Options in Glass Choices

It is difficult to see the differences between your glass choices. Manufacturers can claim energy efficiency, but how can you tell if the claim is valid? You want to choose your glass from a company with the reputation and certification proving their product is as reliable as they claim. Check the ratings of the glass as well as the actual specifications so you can compare the options based on a standardized system.

Consider the climate in California and that around the Bay Area if that is where you reside or conduct business to determine the rating you’ll need for your glass. Will you need a stronger glass or an impact-resistant one to withstand different weather elements? Each brand of glass offers various options and materials that go into them. Dan’s Glass can help you select the glass you need for the area you live, and provide expert installation of the highest quality window replacements.

Material Surrounding Window

Some of the most common choices for the material surrounding a window are fiberglass, vinyl, or wood. You will find there is a wide range of brands to choose from when you begin your window replacement project. You will also notice there is a wide range of prices between these materials and the brands.

Look deeper than just what type of material you are comparing and make sure you are looking at the quality of that product. One thing to look for is some manufacturers will offer solid wood on the interior, while others will not be able to give you the interior aesthetic that is possible with a solid wood interior.

While you go through the window replacement process, it may become hard to keep track of all the information you’ll be learning. Writing it down and charting it might help you with the comparison process. Working with a professional window installment company will also make the project more enjoyable.

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Lumber 101


A majority of people who purchase redwood or cedar do not know a great deal about the material they are looking at. To help you make a more informed decision about the material you use, we have put together some of the most common questions and concerns. The idea is to give you some basic information which will affect the quality and durability of your wood projects.

Heartwood and Sapwood

Heartwood comes from the center of a tree, while sapwood is found on the outer part of the tree. Because heartwood is the oldest part of the tree, the growth rings have been compressed, forming a harder, more durable wood. Building with reclaimed lumber means using lumber that was taken from the heart of old growth trees, giving it a richer color and texture as well as more resistance to pests, decay, and cracking.

Finger Jointed and Whole Lumber

Building with whole lumber is preferable to using finger jointed material. Finger-jointed material is processed to allow the use of more of the tree. While whole wood will maintain its integrity for many years, finger jointed products may begin to show separation, warping or other deformities fairly quickly. Unfortunately, many of the big box lumber companies will disguise finger jointed product by applying a factory primer which hides the joints under a coat of paint.

Size Matters

Another trick used by the big lumber companies is to sell thinner material for fences or sell lower grades of lumber. Both of these can save you money during the initial purchase but will end up costing more in the long run. Thicker reclaimed cedar slats, as an example, are more resistant to warping, and have fewer defects which could cause separation or other problems.

Lumber Grades

All lumber is assigned a grade or quality identifier. Clear heart lumber tends to be the strongest and most durable and can be identified by the lack of knots and blemishes as well as a denser grain structure. Lesser grades of lumber will have more knots, ranging from knots visible on only one side and widely spaced to large knots found fairly close together. Refer to our lumber grades page for more detailed information.

Douglas Fir Vs Hemlock Fir

When purchasing fir, make sure you are getting Douglas fir. Some companies will sell pressure treated hemlock fir as a substitute for Douglas fir, but there is a great deal of difference in quality. Douglas fir is denser and more durable than hemlock, which means a better, longer lasting finished project.

There is a lot more to know about lumber, but these tips will allow you make better decisions. If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to talk to a member of our staff and let us show you the differences between the different types and grades of lumber. Our goal is for you to be satisfied with your finished project, and selecting the right lumber is crucial for getting the best results.

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Smart tips when buying reclaimed lumber


Reclaimed lumber has become popular for many reasons, including durability and environmentally friendly wood projects. To help you get the most out of your reclaimed redwood or douglas fir, we’ve put together some smart tips to help you choose and use it for the best results.

Select With Care

Reclaimed douglas fir is available in multiple grades, and some grades are more suitable for different projects. Choose your reclaimed lumber carefully, with an eye on what you plan to use it for. This can be especially true when you are making unique furniture, headboards, or beams because selecting lumber which displays original milling marks or saw cuts can add historic value to the finished project.

Clean It

Reclaimed lumber was cut decades ago, and has been exposed to the elements or specific materials for most of the intervening time. The Lumber Baron can resurface your lumber for you, but it is still a good idea to clean it well before using it. Not only will remove unwanted dirt, it will also make cutting the lumber easier and less taxing on your saw blades.

Inspect Before You Buy

Look at your chosen reclaimed lumber carefully. Check for loose knots, minor warping and other inconsistencies in the lumber. Having the lumber milled can eliminate minor warps and return the wood’s inner luster. If you notice serious problems in the wood you have chosen, look for another piece or ask one of the staff at The Lumber Baron how to work around the problems. For example, minor splits at one end may not be a problem at all if you need a shorter length than what you have selected.

Ask About History

Reclaimed lumber comes from buildings, bridges, wine vats, and many other sources. Ask about the history of the lumber you are buying so you can add a conversational value to your finished project. Even the best-looking countertop or mantel is more appealing when you can talk about where the wood came from before it got to you.

Because reclaimed lumber is naturally resistant to insects and decay, you are getting a better material to work with from the outset. By inspecting it carefully before you buy and cleaning or resurfacing it before you begin to use it, you will be able to produce high quality wood projects that can last a lifetime– and give you something to talk about in the process.

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Cracked Windshield? What to do next


Need a Windshield Replacement? What to do Next

It can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t have anything to do with driving skills. You are driving down the road and suddenly hear that awful sound of something hitting your windshield. The next thing you see is a crack developing from where the impact occurred and you need a windshield replacement.

Cracked windshields are most often the result of auto accidents, but second to that are the flying rocks and debris you encounter as you drive along a freeway, highway, or even those quiet country roads. A cracked windshield cannot be ignored, and it cannot fix itself; it can only get worse.

Dangers of Having a Cracked Windshield

The first danger comes from obstructing your view, but there are other dangers involved with having a windshield with a crack.

  • Easier to shatter during an accident

Your windshield is designed to transfer force from a frontal collision down to the chassis, so you and anyone else in the vehicle experience less impact. If your windshield is cracked, it will shatter easier if you have a front-end accident. The glass will then fly around the inside of your vehicle increasing your risk of severe injuries.

  • Affects Airbag Effectiveness

When you are involved in an accident, your airbag is triggered, and your windshield acts as a backdrop to force the inflated bag towards you as protection. If your windshield is cracked, it is likely it will not be able to withstand the force needed when the airbag deploys. If the windshield cannot direct the airbag back towards you, you could face much more severe injuries in the accident.

These situations are just a couple of reasons; it is so essential to repair a cracked windshield. The best solution is taking your vehicle to a professional such as Dan’s Glass in Concord, CA, but you should also take steps to prevent the crack from getting worse right away.

Windshield Repair Kit

It’s important to prevent the crack from getting worse before you can get your vehicle in for a professional auto glass replacement. One solution you can try is to use a windshield repair kit. There are several kits to choose from that contain an adaptor and special resin. The resin goes into the crack and seals it from weather elements and debris. With your windshield sealed, it reduces stressors on the glass and prevents it from cracking further.

Super Glue

If the crack is small in your windshield, you can apply Super Glue. Force the glue into the crack or spread an even layer over the crack as a temporary fix until you can have your windshield professionally replaced.

Nail Polish

Clear acrylic nail polish has been used by some as a temporary fix to a cracked windshield. This quick fix is not strong enough to withstand rain, extreme heat from the sun, or severe weather, but may get you by until you can take your vehicle to a professional windshield repair service such as Dan’s Glass.

Keep Car Shaded

Summer heat is extremely harsh within your car which can increase the pressure on your windshield. Other factors can increase the risk of a crack spreading such as wind, rain, or other elements, but the pressure from the summer heat is especially dangerous. When ever it is possible, park your car in the shade or inside a garage until you’ve had the windshield professionally replaced.

It doesn’t matter how your windshield cracked; what does matter is how soon you have your windshield replaced or professionally fixed. A cracked windshield will only get worse, putting you at risk while you are out driving, or creating a more expensive fix.

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Concrete vs Timber Construction in Portland

Oregon has recently adopted an addendum to its building codes that would allow timber construction of tall buildings and is the first state in the U.S. to do so. Historically building codes have prohibited mass timber structures from rising above six stories, but a trend toward and advancements in alternative materials has spurred interest in timber construction. Commercial concrete contractors in Portland and others in the construction industry await the outcomes of these new projects and look forward to future endeavors that could potentially combine concrete, steel, and timber in new ways.

Proponents of timber construction

One of the more common forms of timber construction utilizes cross-laminated timber (CLT), which is an engineered wood panel consisting of three, five, or seven layers of kiln-dried boards that are positioned perpendicular to one another and glued together. This cross lamination technique works to provide stability, strength, and rigidity to the wood panels. Proponents of CLT tout its design flexibility as it can be engineered for specific applications, its fast installation and cost-effectiveness, and its environmental advantages. The latter benefit is related to the thermal performance of thicker CLT panels and the aim of CLT being manufactured with wood from sustainably managed forests. Additionally, CLT construction can lead to less waste, as the panels are produced for specific applications and any leftover materials can be repurposed for other building features such as stairs or used as biofuel.

The potential of traditional and alternative materials

As timber towers begin to dot city skylines, there are those in the construction industry who wonder how alternative building materials will measure up to steel and concrete. Concrete is a mainstay of commercial construction and is the building material that made skyscrapers possible due to its versatility, compressive strength, and seismic performance when reinforced with steel rebar. Concrete also has the benefits of very low heat transfer properties and of being a non-flammable material. In addition, more environmentally-conscious concrete mixtures have been developed in the recent years that include recycled materials in place of virgin aggregates and alternative mixtures for traditional Portland cement, both of which are components of concrete that can be resource-intensive to produce. These advancements in concrete production combined with the developments in timber construction have the potential to create taller, safer, more energy-efficient buildings in cities across the U.S.

The Conco Companies’ mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western U.S. and to bring expertise and incomparable quality to each project. We continue to upgrade and expand our facilities to better serve the growing market for commercial, educational, parking structures, public works projects, and other development. Contact us to learn more about the services from one of the most trusted concrete contractors in Portland.

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