Give Your Project a Professional Start



Over half of all one-, two-, and three-story buildings in the U.S. are constructed out of concrete as it is the building material of choice for commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, and restaurants.  Concrete is not only durable but is often the most economical material.  At The Conco Companies, we know how important it is to get your project off to a good start to ensure a successful outcome, which is why we offer our customers professional concrete building design services.

Our highly-trained specialists utilize the very latest industry technologies including Building Informational Modeling (BIM) to advise clients on the materials and processes that should be used to meet sustainability and LEED goals.  We provide a full range of forms from plywood and steel, to custom made plastic, to make sure a project is using the most appropriate forming structural system.

Today, buildings are designed to be greener, more sustainable throughout their life-cycle from design, to construction, right through to the operation and maintenance.  When those factors are taken into account early in the planning and design stages, sustainable criteria offer the greatest cost-efficiency as well as the best opportunity to influence design.  That is why it is vital that architects and owners have the most up-to-date information available right from the beginning of a project.

By choosing our professional concrete services, we can help to prevent delays and problems by using our extensive background to confront and successfully meet tough challenges.  Conco services will support decisions about your structure from the very earliest stages in the design process, right through to the construction phase with cost-effective solutions to ensure budgets and timelines are met.


When your project demands exceptional services and the best value, Conco can deliver.  We have been offering premium concrete services throughout the Western U.S. since 1959, and have a regional office in the Seattle area.  With state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities, we work diligently to meet goals and stay within budget.

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