Update on the Wilshire Grand Center


When it opens in 2017, the Wilshire Grand Center will encompass 2.1 million square feet and stand 1,100 feet tall from the ground to the top of the spire. The 73-story tower will contain a luxury hotel, cutting-edge restaurants, businesses, and nightlife entertainment. Furthermore, it is one of the first buildings in LA as well as in the country to be built with a true sky lobby. Visitors to the sky deck will get panoramic views of the city and the breathtaking infinity pool.

Another first for the Grand it that it is the first building of any height in the downtown since the construction of the L.A. City Hall to not have a flat roof but rather a domed top. Also it is slated to be one of the most advanced and sustainable buildings in Southern California loaded with energy saving features and unique architectural designs.

Chris Martin, the chief architect and development manager, said of the project, “We’re trying to design buildings that work for the tenant of today, not the tenant of yesterday.”
The Wilshire Grand is certainly a next generation type of building as it will offer mixed-use occupancy of hotel, retail, office space and restaurants.

Constructing the 73-story tower has created its own distinctive architectural needs. One of the latest additions to the site was a special cantilever crane not often seen in Downtown Los Angeles. On Feb. 3, the crane was placed on top of a raised platform that extends out from the building. Cantilever style cranes are commonly used in projects that have limited space and help to reduce the ground surface area required. They are often used in Manhattan and other large cities to help construct tall skyscrapers.


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