Premium Rebar Fabrication Services


As a part of The Conco Companies’ extensive services, we have both the state-of-the-art facilities as well as the expertise to be your single source for rebar fabrication and installation regardless of the size of your project. Our exceptional concrete reinforcement services provide the assurance that projects stay on budget and meet deadlines.

Conco’s two rebar fabrication facilities are strategically located in Benicia, CA and Rochester, WA and are fully equipped so we can cost-effectively and efficiently supply all of our customers’ needs. Each facility is outfitted with modern shear lines, benders and post-tension cable manufacturing equipment that allows us to provide your project with precision-engineered rebar products.   Also by stocking a large inventory we are able to meet tight deadlines.

Our highly skilled team also plays a big role in our success. Plant operators and engineers have advanced training including building informational modeling (BIM). Furthermore, our crews in the field have use of advanced tools such as Dextra’s Bartec to ensure the highest quality work at the jobsite as well.

When you choose Conco as your provider of precision-engineered rebar, you also have the benefit of using the rest of our team for quality formwork, pumping, finishing, and shotcrete.   By working as a coordinated team, we can readily anticipate and respond to any problems and shuffle crews to accommodate our customers. In addition this holistic approach allows us to identify improvements in design right from the earliest stages and to make the appropriate changes while it is more cost-effective to do so. We invite you to take a look at Conco’s portfolio of projects we have listed on our website.

Conco’s mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western U.S. and to bring experience, expertise and quality to each project. We continue to upgrade and expand facilities to better serve the growing market for a wide range of construction development. We have four regional offices serving California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Washington.

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