Modern Concrete Wonders – Argentina’s Bicentennial Civic Center

GGMPU+M; Centro Cívico Córdoba

Photography by Claudio Manzoni, Leonardo Finotti

As a part of our series of spectacular, contemporary concrete structures from across the globe, the Bicentennial Civic Center in Córdoba, Argentina certainly qualifies as a striking example. The project was designed by Lucio Morini + GGMPU Arquitectos and the architect in charge was Guillermo Pozzobón. Commissioned by the Government of the Province Cordoba, the approximately 24,781 square meter civic center incorporates a series of delicate concrete cutouts that provides the structure with a unique look.

The entire project consists of three buildings of which two were completed in 2012. The complex houses all of the Public admission employees for the province of Cordoba including members of congress, and the convention center is used to host events for the city and surrounding region of Cordoba. The more striking of the two buildings is the prism-like structure that is based on a square cuboid 45 meters high with one side 26 meters across. At 16 meters, the structure has a 20 degree rotation. The architectural firm described it as, “The structure generates a complex morphology based on triangles creating a prism that plays with shadows and light. The openings were generated from a series of geometric rhomboid-based combinations designed to instill a tri-dimensionality to the flat character of the facades.”

The other building on the site is a horizontal slab that reflects the similar rhomboidal shapes as used in the taller structure although they are done on a different scale. A green area at the top of the building is enclosed with metal mesh to allow vines to grow freely and to create a way to help regulate temperatures inside by blocking the sun in the summer and allowing sunshine in during the winter. Furthermore, the roof is completely covered in grass and flowers.

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