Is Shotcrete Right for My Project?

Shotcrete Seattle

As shotcrete is less expensive than traditional cast-in-place concrete walls, you may be wondering if it is right for your project and want to know when and where is it the most appropriate application. The simple answer is that because it has the same structural characteristics as traditional cast-in-place walls, applications include everything from shear walls, retaining walls, and architectural walls to slope pavement and soil nailing. Shotcrete is also the first choice for sites that have extreme operating environments including chemical plants, hydroelectric plants and gas-fired electrical generators.

One of shotcrete’s biggest advantages is that it virtually eliminates the forming process all together, and thus reduces labor costs as well as saves time. Furthermore, over the last several decades, advancements in shotcrete technology have increased dramatically along with many improvements in the equipment that allow for even more varied uses.

At the Conco Companies, we have extensive knowledge of the shotcrete process and have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects using the material. One unique project we did a few years ago was in Washington State in the scenic City of Burien. The city, which sits just below the Cascade Mountain range and boasts a spectacular view of Mount Rainier, needed to build a parking garage to support their new bus transit center.

Since Burien did not want to build a structure with lots of plain concrete walls, they turned to Conco’s expertise to help turn a parking garage into a piece of art that featured the town’s most visible landmark and the surrounding mountain ranges. Our team of experts sculpted shotcrete murals along all four sides of the structure that depicted scenes of the Olympics, the Cascades and Mount Rainier. The project consisted of shear walls that were shot from the outside of the building, and the area where we would do the murals were left with a scratch finish to ensure a proper bonding to the structural shotcrete wall. We encourage you to visit our website to see the remarkable pictures of the finished project.

Conco’s mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western United States and to bring experience, expertise and quality to each project.  We continue to upgrade and expand facilities to better serve the growing market for public works projects, commercial, educational, parking structures, and other construction development.

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