Offering Cost-effective Solutions for Parking Structures



The Conco Companies’ decades of experience in the industry means we are at the forefront of techniques and procedures that offer our customers the ability to reduce costs and time. One such project that did just that was a parking structure for the Lawson Lane Commons in Santa Clara, CA.

Conco’s professional design team and estimators quickly realized that the parking structure was an ideal candidate for shotcrete, which has the same structural characteristics as traditional cast-in-place walls. Our team estimated the shotcrete would provide a savings of 24 percent and also complete the project several days earlier.

By using shotcrete instead of traditional cast-in-place concrete, we constructed shear walls that spanned 310 lineal-ft. and 40-ft. high cost-effectively and quickly. The foundations for the walls were poured, which followed with three separate shotcrete pours done over the course of 25 business days and used a total of 390 cubic yards of concrete. Now complete, the large, 4-level parking garage accommodates 2,948 vehicle spaces for the new development that consist of 638,958 sq. feet of office space and an amenities facility.

Developed by Devon Construction, the first phase of the project opened in July, 2012 and included two 5-story office buildings and a 2-story amenities building. Phase II of the Commons has an additional two 6-story office buildings and includes the completion of the campus environment. The high efficiency buildings expect to see up to a 30% savings in utilities from the Santa Clara power company. The development is among several others that are all part of the city’s construction boom as a result of the new 49ers Stadium.

At The Conco Companies, we are one of the leading concrete contractors in the Western U.S. and offer a wide range of quality services and products. Our experience includes providing services for commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects. We serve California, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada.

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