Pencil-slim Skyscrapers – A New Trend in Congested Urban Locations

During 2015, the world was treated to an array of new construction that continues to push the envelope in terms of both size and architectural design. One of those buildings is 432 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan that overlooks Central Park.  The new tower represents a “new generation of supertall, superslim skyscrapers,” as the pencil-thin design efficiently maximizes the confined Manhattan site.

Featuring 104 condominium apartments, the building topped out at 1,396 ft. (426 m), to make it the third tallest building in the United States, and the tallest residential building in the world.  In New York City, it is right behind the One World Trade Center, which is the tallest building in both New York City and the country.  The Empire State Building is now the third tallest in the city.

The tower’s owner is 56th and Park (NY) and the developer was the CIM Group / Macklowe Properties.  The architects were Rafael Viñoly Architects and SLCE Architects, LLP.  The construction of the tower includes a 30-ft. square reinforced concrete core with 30-in. thick walls that house the elevator shafts and building mechanical services.  Wikipedia reports that, “the facade, with the formed surface left as the final finish without any added facia, was poured in place from concrete using 14,000 psi white Portland cement, and cast around preassembled full-floor cages of #20 rebars with articulated steel formwork.”

The 85-story building has a floor-to-floor height of 15 ft. 6 in.  While most of the floors consist of 10-in. thick slabs, the upper stories have slabs of up to 18-in. thick to provide more mass and help to reduce swaying.  In addition to improve stability of a building with a 1:15 slenderness ratio, “A regular grid of exposed concrete that creates an open basket from which seven “independent buildings” are separated by spaces where the building’s core is exposed to the outdoor elements.”

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