What is a Concrete Pump?



A concrete pump is a machine which transfers mixed concrete (i.e. in liquid form) through pipes via a pumping action. Previously, when concrete was needed on a jobsite the materials were mixed onsite and transported via wheelbarrow or bucket. As you can imagine, this method became very tiresome and expensive for large-scale projects such as high-rises. Thankfully, in 1927 Max Giese and Fritz Hull designed a solution which pumps concrete through pipes from a single concrete source (this design was improved upon in 1957 with dual hydraulic cylinders and remains the standard design today).

Types of Concrete Pumps

There are two main types of concrete pumps: boom pumps and transport pumps. A boom pump is a concrete pump with a remote-controlled “boom” arm attached and a line pump is a concrete pump that is attached to a vehicle. The principle difference between these two types of concrete pumps comes down to the additional appendage equipment attached to the pump and volume. Boom pumps can pump at higher volumes than transport pumps and are typically used for larger projects. Other concrete pump variations include:

  • Mobile concrete pump (truck mounted mobile)
  • Stationary pump
  • Truck mounted static pump
  • Truck mixer concrete pump

Outside of the increased convenience of having concrete pumped to the worksite, concrete pumps offer a number of additional benefits over manual methods. First and foremost, concrete pumps allow for a steady and precise flow of material creating a smooth finish. These tools also help to save time, reduce worker fatigue, and improve the quality of the concrete.

The Conco Companies are one of the leading concrete contractors in the Western U.S. and offer a wide range of quality services and products. While we tackle projects both big and small, our experience includes providing the complete concrete package for the Levi’s Stadium along with other notable projects. We serve California, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada.


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