Impressive Concrete Structures in the United States


Concrete has been used as a building material for centuries. From early ancient structures, such as the Pantheon and Coliseum, to modern day masterpieces concrete is the material of choice for durable, affordable, and versatile construction. While the world is filled with impressive concrete structures, some of the world’s most stunning structures can be found right here in the United States. Here are five that we think are pinnacles of modern concrete construction.

Grand Coulee Dam, Washington State

Boasting over 47 billion pounds of concrete, the Grand Coulee Dam is one of the largest concrete structures in the world. With that much concrete, you could build a highway from Seattle to Miami!

The Pentagon, Washington DC  

Much of the concrete filler for the Pentagon project was dredged from the grounds of the project and the Potomac River. In the end, the project used over one billion pounds of concrete.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

In 1999, the Venetian Hotel project captured the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous concrete pour at 21,000 cubic yards.

Wilshire Grand, Los Angeles

In February 2014, The Conco Companies conquered the Venetian Hotel’s continuous concrete pour world record of 21,000 cubic yards by 200 cubic yards on the Wilshire Grand project in Los Angeles. The 82 million pounds of concrete and was poured in just 18½ hours.

Trump Tower International Hotel and Tower, Chicago

The Trump Tower in Chicago, IL, completed in 2009, is the world’s tallest concrete-reinforced building. Weighing in at an impressive 720 million pounds of concrete, case studies have been dedicated to this incredible architectural feat.

At The Conco Companies, we are one of the leading concrete contractors in the Western U.S. and offer a wide range of quality services and products. Our experience includes providing services for commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects. We serve California, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada.,

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