Research on a New, Greener Type of Concrete


As one of the largest commercial concrete contractors in the nation, The Conco Companies are always looking to improve the concrete services and products we bring to our customers. To this end, we work closely with contractors, developers, and engineers on various concrete methodologies in an effort to develop the best standards and practices in the industry today.

Since cement is one of the primary producers of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, Conco is also interested in the efforts of researchers who are trying to develop cements that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One recent study that caught our eye was published in the Construction and Building Materials journal by a team of engineers from Oregon State University, Purdue University and Solidia Technologies.

The group’s findings show a “great potential for a type of cement that gains strength through carbonation, rather than the use of water.” This new cement appears to not only help address global warming but also produces a more durable concrete. Researchers report that a concrete mix using this type of cement is better able to resist common de-icing salts that are responsible for reducing the lifespan of our roads.

Carbonated calcium silicate-based cement (CCSC) offers not only the benefit of protecting against damage from sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, but will help to save money spent on road maintenance. It is estimated that the damage from de-icing salts costs about $1 million a mile to fix and that the typical 40-year lifespan of a road’s surface is reduced to only 8 to 10 years.

Studies like these are important to the cement industry, which is committed to working toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The researchers report that the first uses of CCSC will be in pre-cast concrete products and other uses will follow.

Conco’s mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western United States and to bring expertise, experience and quality to each project. We continue to upgrade and expand facilities to better serve the growing market for public works projects, commercial, parking structures, educational, and other construction development. We serve California, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada.


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