Precision Engineered Reinforcement Services



The Conco Companies provide a wide range of concrete services including concrete reinforcement for all of your rebar fabrication and installation needs.  By owning and operating two large rebar fabrication facilities in California and Washington, we have the capacity to cost-effectively serve our customers’ needs saving them both time and money.  Also Conco’s highly skilled crews are trained on the specialized tools used to fabricate, assemble, and install the rebar.

One example of a current job that we are providing a wide range of concrete services for including reinforcement is 970 Denny Way in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.  Along with the 4,900 cubic yards of concrete we poured to form the 15,300 square foot mat foundation, we also provided the required 1.3 million pounds of rebar.

Another recent project that took advantage of Conco Reinforcing’s services was a parking structure for the new Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, CA.  Our crews constructed two levels below grade, one level at grade and two levels above grade to total the approximately 397,359 square feet parking structure.  To complete the project, we supplied 4.2 million pounds of reinforcing steel as well as 17,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1,200 cubic yards of shotcrete.

The VA Mental Health and Research Center that is currently under construction in Seattle is a prime example of the benefit of using Conco’s full range of concrete services. On this particular project our job duties included concrete pumping, formwork, place and finish and shotcrete services on the 203,000 square foot structure as well as supplying and installing the reinforcement.

When you take advantage of Conco’s unique ability to supply rebar and formwork on your next project, it eliminates the need for coordination between different suppliers.  It also helps to ensure you meet timelines and stay on budget.

Conco’s mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western United States and to bring expertise, experience and quality to each project.  We continue to upgrade and expand facilities to better serve the growing market for public works projects, commercial, parking structures, educational, and other construction development. We serve California, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada.


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