Our Extensive Fleet of Pumps Offers Your Project Many Benefits

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The Conco Companies have a long history of providing exceptional concrete services for a wide range of projects using our extensive fleet of concrete pumps and ancillary equipment.  Since 1975, we have owned and operated one of the largest concrete pumping and belting companies in the U.S., and have the capability and resources to handle the most challenging project specifications.

Our highly maneuverable concrete boom pumps provide access to areas on the jobsite that would otherwise be difficult to get including tight, confined spaces.  The long reach of Conco’s boom pumps such as our Schwing S 58 SX with a vertical reach of 187’9″and horizontal reach of175’1″, offers solutions for efficiently placing concrete on high-rises and other large-scale projects.

By using the appropriate boom pump for each job, our crews can place concrete not only faster but with more precision.  Pumped concrete requires less handling as the pump places it directly where it is needed and allows a project to be completed much more cost-effectively.  Furthermore, as placement is so accurate, it produces a more professional outcome and typically results in fewer delays.

Another time-saving aspect to using large boom pumps is the job requires fewer smaller pieces of equipment.  This saves time by eliminating the need to move the smaller machinery around the jobsite and then having to set it up again.   Pumped concrete also offers better quality control and produces a more durable and stronger finished product.

As pumped concrete requires less water, it helps prevent or mitigate shrinking and cracking problems that are common in concrete.  Lastly pumped concrete is not as affected by weather conditions as other methods that often result in work stoppages and delays.

Please visit our website to view the broad range of projects Conco has had the honor to serve as the placement specialist.  In addition to concrete pumping we also provide concrete reinforcement and installation, formwork, shotcrete, construction hauling, and design/build and G. C. services.

The Conco Companies are a leading supplier of concrete services for the Western U.S and we got our start in the Bay Area in 1959.  Our success has come from offering clients the best value on a wide range of concrete services and products and we are now one of the region’s top commercial concrete contractors.  We currently serve the areas of Southern and Northern California, Oregon, Washington Colorado, and Nevada.

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