New Salesforce Videos


One of the big projects The Conco Companies recently provided a full range of concrete services for was the Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco.  Now that the silvery curtain-wall panels have completely covered the outside of the 1,070-foot tall building, it can be seen for miles in and around San Francisco.  This is probably not surprising as the peak of the building stands 200 feet taller than the city’s previously tallest building, the Transamerica Pyramid.  The 61-story building consists of 900 feet of occupied space with spacious office floors that boast ceiling heights of almost 14 feet.  The remaining 170 feet above the top floor of the building is mainly empty space but does house some mechanical equipment.

To get a feel for the size and beauty of the mostly completed building, visit the Salesforce Tower’s facebook page to see several newly posted videos and pictures.  One interesting video from September 15th includes a conversation between the project’s developers, Executive Chairman of Boston Properties, Mortimer Zuckerman, and Gregory Hines, the Founder and Chairman of Hines.  They discuss how the Salesforce Tower is destined to become the iconic San Francisco building and how the architect, César Pelli has created a building that is beautiful to look at on the outside and works wonderfully on the inside.

There are also a couple of spectacular pictures of lightening striking the Tower during a recent storm in the Bay Area that the National Weather Service reported produced over 800 lightning strikes.  Another picture is from the 34th floor of the building and provides an impressive view of the Bay Bridge.  You will also find a picture of the solar ellipse alongside the skyscraper.

Please visit The Conco Companies website to see a portfolio of many of the other remarkable projects we have had the honor to be a part.  We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and have the reputation of bringing projects in on time and on budget.

Conco is a leading supplier of concrete services for the Western United States. We have built our reputation with superior concrete formwork, reinforcing, place and finish, shotcrete and other ancillary services that benefit from our vast experience.  Our concrete services include commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects and highways.

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