Order a Concrete Pump from the Experts

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If you need the services of a concrete boom pump, did you know you can order it from one of the area’s leading commercial concrete contractors?  On The Conco Companies’ website, we provide comprehensive instructions on what you need to know and what we need to know to ensure you get the best pump for your job.  Some of the facts we need include the scope of the job and the particulars of the jobsite where the pump will be used.  In turn, we let you know what to expect from us including the fact that all of our pump operators are ACPA certified as well as the terms of their work conditions.

At Conco, we recognize the trust our customers place in us when they turn to us for pumping services, which is the reason we approach each project as a partnership from concept right through to completion.  To accommodate your project specifications, there are a few things we will need to know before we deliver a pump to your jobsite.  Here are some examples of the information we require:

  • What size boom will you need for your project?
  • Is there safe access for the truck into the jobsite?
  • Are there any low clearance bridges/buildings (need 13’ 6” clearance) we should know about?
  • Are there any overhead obstructions such as power lines (we need a minimum 20 ft. clearance) and/or trees?
  • Does the jobsite have a flat area with enough stable ground to set up the pump as well as accommodate the outriggers?
  • How far away will the truck sit from the pour (we can bring extra elbows or special pipe if the setup calls for it)?

You will find the complete detailed instructions on our website and contact information.  Our pumps need a minimum of ½ hour setup time and our large pumps or difficult setups can require additional time.  We also have an updated version of the Conco Concrete Pumping Guide, which is a free app for all Android and iOS devices that shows you all of the pumps available for rent in your region.

The Conco Companies are a leading supplier of concrete services for the Western U.S. and got our start in the Bay Area in 1959 by offering clients the best value on a wide range of concrete services and products.  Since that time, we have taken a leading role as one of the top concrete contractors in the region. We currently serve California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado.

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