Z-Fold Pumps Offer Versatility and Maneuverability


At The Conco Companies, we have a long history of adopting the latest concrete technologies as well as purchasing the latest state-of-the-art equipment to provide our customers with the best range of options for their project.  One of the types of pumps that we find are very beneficial in projects with challenging placement specifications is our articulating boom pumps.

Also known as roll-and-fold or Z-fold, articulating boom pumps are available in four-section multi-Z booms or five-section Z-Fold booms and provide us with lots of versatility and a large working range.  The pump is it a good choice for hard-to-reach areas or when you need the ease of their maneuverability.   In addition to providing a good vertical reach, articulating booms are very easy to transport as they fold into a compact size.

At all of our pumping locations, we have a Putzmeister 28Z, which is the perfect example of the versatility of a four-section Multi-Z boom.  Its compact size and great flexibility makes it a great choice for congested job sites.  Features include the smallest front outrigger footprint of all models in its class, a smooth concrete flow, and a vertical reach of 89 feet 7 inches.   Also since the 28Z does not need a large vertical clearance to unfold, it can be set up and used inside of a building.

The versatility of the multi-Z’s configuration does not require the boom to be fully extended in order to pump; and as the longer, straighter pipe allows for a less stressful concrete flow, it can result in better wear on parts.  The Putzmeister 28Z is also adaptable to a variety of material.  Please visit our website to see our full list of concrete pumps and Telebelts that are available at each of our Southern California, Northern California and Washington State locations.

The Conco Companies are a leading supplier of concrete services for the Western U.S. and got our start in the Bay Area in 1959 by offering clients the best value on a wide range of concrete services and products.  Since that time, we have taken a leading role as one of the top concrete contractors in the region. We currently serve California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado.

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