Telebelt® TB 105 Telescopic Belt Conveyor


The Conco Companies have an impressive fleet of modern, state-of-the-art concrete pumps in addition to Telebelts.  We use this equipment to help us complete projects faster and more efficiently for our customers.

One of our more recent additions to our fleet is a couple of Telebelt® TB 105 Telescopic Belt Conveyors that are available from our Southern California and Washington State locations.   The Telebelt is a versatile tool that can be used to convey a wide variety of materials ranging from sand all the way to 4-inch rock.  It has an operating capacity of up to 360 cubic yards per hour and provides a cost-effective alternative to transporting materials with a crane and skid-steer.

The belt conveyors can eliminate the labor-intensive process of having to re-handle the material and are ideal in congested jobsites with uneven, muddy ground.   They can also be the solution in areas with low clearances or a tight access point as well as a job that requires material to be deposited below grade.  Conco uses our Telebelts to assist with mat pours, large foundations and footings, and backfill.

The 105 Telescopic Belt Conveyors come with a variety of hopper options and have a horizontal reach of 105 ft. and an 18” conveyor belt width.  They can handle concrete from 0” to 12” slumps and can be setup and operated under heights as low as 16 ft.  In addition to transporting concrete, the belt conveyors are used to transport rock, gravel, backfill and other materials.

Our Telebelt® TB 110 offers many of the same benefits as the 105 Telescopic Belt Conveyors but with a capability of 5 cubic yards per minute.  It too has an easy setup even in congested areas or rough terrain.  Please visit our website for more information and specifications on our Telescope Belt Conveyors along with our concrete pumps.

The Conco Companies are one of the foremost suppliers of concrete services for the Western U.S. We got our start in 1959 in the Bay Area by offering clients the best value on a broad range of concrete services and products.  Since that time, we have taken a leading role as top concrete contractors in the region. We have four regional offices serving California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Washington.

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