Getting Ready for Spring? Consider Adding a New Fence to your Yard using Reclaimed Lumber

As springtime rolls around, we are all looking forward to spending more time outside. Outdoor projects that have been put off during the cooler months can now be taken on, and sprucing up your yard with a new fence made from reclaimed lumber is an exciting project. Not only will you get to enjoy a bit more privacy when entertaining guests outside, you will also have the self-satisfaction of knowing that you built that fence yourself. The Lumber Baron has one of the best selections of reclaimed lumber in the Bay Area, and a knowledgeable staff to help you make the most informed fencing decisions.

Getting Ready for Spring - Consider Adding a New Fence to your Yard using Reclaimed Lumber - The Lumber Baron

Why Use Reclaimed Lumber?

There are a lot of reasons to use reclaimed lumber, but most of them can be reduced to three popular benefits. To begin, using reclaimed lumber is a sustainable way to build because it doesn’t require cutting down any trees to get your material. Second, the reclaimed lumber sold at The Lumber Baron comes from old growth lumber that isn’t available from lumber sold through major hardware and lumber stores. Old growth material tends to be hardy, dense material when compared to most off-the-shelf lumber stores. And finally, having a fence made from reclaimed lumber adds a touch of historic prestige to your project, as well as providing you with built-in conversation points when guests come over.

Choosing the Right Type of Lumber

The grade of lumber you choose to build your fence out of will depend on whether you are constructing a decorative fence or just putting up the basic barricade to keep out pests and people. The average privacy fence can be made from a lower grade of material if you choose and may contain quite a few knots or even a bit of edgewood sapwood. For a more distinguished fence, you may want to use higher grades of lumber, with the most elaborate fences being made from a clear or blemish-free type of lumber.

Different Types for Different Likes

For privacy fences, cedar is a popular material because it is easy to work with and lightweight enough to carry into places where a vehicle can’t get to. As the detail of the fence goes up, the type of material may change as well. For example, a solid wooden fence can be constructed out of rot resistant redwood to provide a sturdy, visually appealing wooden wall.The Lumber Baron would be happy to offer you some fencing options and suggest appropriate materials for the project you have in mind.

The Lumber Baron has been doing business at our primary location since 1981. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation for providing quality reclaimed lumber that has been hand-selected from sites throughout the nation. When you begin work on your new springtime fencing project, come by and visit our lumber yard, and we will show you why The Lumber Baron is the best source for reclaimed redwood, cedar, and Douglas fir.

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