Weekend Project: Reclaimed Lumber Picnic Table

Summer BBQ gatherings are just around the corner and now is the time to build a picnic table with some reclaimed lumber from The Lumber Baron. Here, we have provided you with a few links to plans and suggestions to help you along, but feel free to modify these plans to your liking, or simply draw up your own set of plans. Take care to maintain the functional balance of the table to avoid tipping when the table is loaded down with good eats and tasty beverages.

Weekend Project - Reclaimed Lumber Picnic Table - The Lumber Baron

Benefits of Reclaimed Lumber

Your picnic table needs to be study and able to stand up to the test of time, but you also want the finished product to be aesthetically pleasing. Beside the natural benefits, there are many reasons to work with reclaimed lumber, including:

  • Close, Tight Grain Pattern
  • Less Likely to Warp or Split
  • Unique Coloration
  • Conversational and Historic Value

DIY is Better

Today’s mass-production of picnic tables leaves a lot to be desired, even before the fact that few of them use reclaimed lumber. The joints are often not tight enough to prevent wobbling, the wood quality is usually fair to barely suitable, and those pre-fab tables will force you to accept the common fare rather enjoying a unique picnic table experience. Building your own table gives you the opportunity to avoid all of these shortcomings as well as adding a few personal touches of your own, such as built-in cup holders.

Add Some Variety

Whether you build a picnic table with a place to put ice and drinks, has attached seats or separate ones, or even a table built in different shapes such as triangles or octagons, you can use reclaimed lumber to build exactly what you want. There are even simple plans to build a convertible table that turns into benches after the meal.

We have spent more than 40 years building a reputation for providing top quality lumber to Bay Area builders and homeowners. Our reclaimed lumber selection is hand-picked and comes from major buildings, holding tanks, and bridges that have been decommissioned all over the country, especially up and down the West Coast. Before you shop elsewhere, visit The Lumber Baron for your next weekend project and find out what sets us apart.

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