Commercial Glass Trends

The glass at your office or storefront is one of the first things customers see. It can set the tone for your business and how customers engage with it; inviting customers to window shop, to see happy customers eating meals, or conversely, demonstrating the privacy you maintain for your customers. There are several commercial glass options for your business that can send the message that you want. Here are some commercial glass trends.

Commercial Glass Trends - Dan's Glass

Stained Commercial Glass

Historically associated with churches, stained glass is gaining in popularity in some markets. It can help your business stand out and create a festive atmosphere for your customers. Stained glass is mainly used by dance clubs and restaurants to extend the exciting ambiance inside to the exterior of the business, sending the message that customers are in for a great time.

Tinted Commercial Glass

Tinting can be incorporated strategically into your building. It reduces the amount of sunlight and, consequently, solar heat that enters a building. It can also increase the privacy and security of your building and for your customers. For spaces in your business where sun shines directly into customer’s eyes or overheats spaces, tinting can be incorporated to minimize these negative effects without window treatments.

Frosted Commercial Glass

Frosted glass is ideal for businesses that want high amounts of ambient light but also want to retain the privacy of their customers. Doctor’s offices are a classic example. Direct sunlight can be distracting, but an office without any sunlight is less inviting. Frosted glass is available in many styles beyond the standard frosted private eye cliche in the movies. It can be aesthetically pleasing and inviting, while still retaining the desired lighting and privacy benefits.

Silk-Screened Commercial Glass

Silk-screened glass is similar in function to frosted glass in that it can reduce glare and increase privacy while allowing in sunlight. The difference is that silk-screened glass generally results in a printed pattern on the glass instead of a frosting that covers the entire surface. This also means that the level of privacy is lower than that of frosted glass. It is created by applying ceramic frit to the glass surface which is then annealed together when heated. Silk-screened glass can have patterns that fit with your business’ brand or interior design elements. This makes it a very flexible tool to set the tone for your business, inside or out. 

At Dan’s Glass in Concord, California, we offer a variety of glass options to meet the needs of your commercial property.  Contact one of our glass experts today to discuss your next project.

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