Reclaimed Douglas Fir: Learn about its History

For 40 years, The Lumber Baron has been the Bay Area’s source for quality lumber. We specialize in old-growth, reclaimed lumber such as redwood and Douglas fir, with milling and resurfacing capabilities on-site. We have learned a lot about lumber, and one of the things we have learned about reclaimed lumber is that it all has history, and every board foot has its own story to tell.

Reclaimed Doulgas Fir - Learn about its History - The Lumber Baron

Reclaimed from Paper Mills

Some of our reclaimed Douglas fir comes from West Coast paper mills. We have hand-picked fir from the Harbor Paper Mill in Hoquiam, Washington, as well as the Georgia Pacific Paper Mill in San Leandro, California. Some of the material from these sites features exquisite aging and coloration, and both show off the quality of clear lumber commonly harvested 80 to 100 years ago.

Lumber with Naval History

We have acquired Douglas fir from the Mare Island Naval Yard Warehouse. Mare Island once played an important role in West Coast Naval activity, but the base was deactivated during the late 1990s and is in the process of being redeveloped today. Use-specific markings are visible on the ends of many pieces, and Douglas fir is renowned for its strength and durability over time.

Morton Salt Company

The Morton Salt Company has been part of the American story for over 100 years, including the Morton Salt Factory at Newark, CA. When the facility closed in 2016, The Lumber Baron had the opportunity to reclaim 15,000 board feet of 2” x 8” fir. Our stock was hand selected from the best pieces of old-growth, with special attention to the density and strength which was common then but rarely found in today’s big box stores.

Warehousing and Distribution

Other reclaimed Douglas fir has come from all over California, including lumber salvaged from the International Harvester Distribution Plant in Richmond, CA, and the Coast Counties Warehouse in Santa Maria, CA. From flooring to ceiling, we have reclaimed fir that is perfect for your projects.

The places listed here are a few of the notable source of our quality reclaimed Douglas fir, but it also comes from bridges and bleachers and construction projects up and down the West Coast. Wherever the promise of reusable old-growth lumber appears, that is where we go in search of the best material our customers could buy. Call or stop by for pricing and additional information.

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