Dan’s Glass – Signs it’s time to replace the glass in your home

Signs It's Time to Replace the Glass in your Home - Dan's Glass

At Dan’s Glass, we want homeowners to understand why window replacement can be important, and how to recognize the signs that it is time to replace your glass. Residential windows will age over time and begin to show signs that is time to replace them. Many of the symptoms of aging or improperly installed glass also lead to loss of heating or cooling capacity, and that translates into high energy costs. Studies have shown that window leaks can amount to as much as a 30 percent increase in your heating or cooling bills.

Drafts and Moisture

One of the early indicators of glass which needs to be replaced is air movement between the indoor and outdoor environments. In many cases, you can detect this air exchange with the back of your hand, although holding your face near a suspected leak may provide more sensitivity for less serious leaks. If you suspect a window is leaking, we recommend asking a glass expert to stop by for free glass inspection.

Knocks and Rattles

Older window frames, especially wooden frames, may separate, warp, or even shrink over time. This causes the window to make a knocking or rattling sound when winds blow against it. If you suspect that you have windows which no longer fit the frame properly, Dan’s Glass would be happy to come by and inspect your residential glass and offer you a replacement quote if necessary.

Cracked or Broken Glass

Broken glass is more than unsightly – it is also expensive. Window glass is designed to provide insulation for your home, and anything which reduces the fit or seal also results in a loss of energy. Worse, a crack in the glass is probably going to grow over time because of wind blowing against the glass and ground vibrations related to nearby vehicular, air, or train traffic, as well as other activities which put stress on the window including opening and closing it.

Foggy Panes

Fog or condensation between the panes in insulated windows is usually related to seal failure which allows air to infiltrate the opening. Additionally, minor scratches and weathering can occur in single or multiple paned windows, affecting visibility through the window. When a Dan’s Glass professional evaluates your windows, we can let you know right away whether they can be repaired or if a total window replacement is necessary. In most situations, we can even use your existing window frames.

Dan’s Glass is located in Concord, CA., and serves the entire Bay Area. We offer complete glass solutions for all of your home or commercial needs, including window glass, bath enclosures, mirrors, and auto glass. Our customers will tell you that our employees are clean, professional, and courteous, and we use only industry best materials. Contact us today – we provide one-day service on most residential glass services.


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