Making a Reclaimed Lumber Barn Door

Reclaimed lumber is used in many different applications. From interior countertops to exterior fences, reclaimed lumber has advantages that today’s new-growth lumber cannot match. As the premier place to find reclaimed lumber in the Bay Area, The Lumber Baron can help you find the right reclaimed material for any job, from creating a rustic mantelpiece to building a barn door.

Choosing the Right Material

In most situations, your barn door should be made from a similar material to the rest of the barn. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, and using a more durable type of wood for the door than the barn siding helps keep the door functional for a longer period. In this respect, using old-growth, reclaimed lumber is a good idea because of the insect and rot resistant qualities of old growth lumber as well the fact that this type of wood is also stronger and less likely to warp or split.

Reclaimed Lumber Adds Appeal

The idea of a big red barn is common, but the truth is that most barns are built out of bare, untreated lumber. One of the advantages of using reclaimed material for your barn door is that reclaimed lumber such as cedar, Douglas fir, or redwood adds quite a bit of visual appeal to the finished product. Our selection of reclaimed materials come from applications which add to their appeal, such as years of exposure to the tannins in wine vats or water tanks which imbue the lumber with colors and textures not available through ordinary retail outlets.

Insist on Stronger Support

Reclaimed lumber is excellent for use as the paneling on a barn door, but it is also ideal for building the frame of the door as well. The main reason for this is the simple fact that reclaimed lumber comes from old-growth forests, and allowing trees to grow for longer periods allows the heartwood to become more densely packed, providing a harder, more durable material from the outset. Add to that the fact that reclaimed lumber has had decades to cure, and it becomes easy to see why using reclaimed lumber is the way to go.

When building a door for older barns, the lumber available from a big box store may not match the dimensions used in the original construction. The Lumber Baron can help you overcome that obstacle as well because we have our own sawmill on-site, allowing us to custom mill or resurface your reclaimed lumber to meet the specifications of the original builders. To find out more about uses for reclaimed lumber or to get started on your next wood project, stop in and speak with us today.

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