Room Makeover: Use reclaimed lumber to make a feature wall

Room Makeover - Using Reclaimed Lumber to Make a Feature Wall - The Lumber Baron

Giving your home a makeover can be as simple as transforming a wall into a feature wall using reclaimed lumber from The Lumber Baron. Feature walls serve the purpose of giving one wall a special appearance. Feature walls are often decorated with knickknack shelves, family images, or other conversational artifacts. Adding a layer of planks to a wall is fairly straightforward, but the reasoning behind using reclaimed lumber deserves a bit more explanation.

Using Reclaimed Lumber Artistically

Reclaimed lumber planks can come from a single source, or mix and match to create a unique appearance. Either way, building with reclaimed lumber that has been tinted through years of exposure to water or other fluids, adds an eye-catching view to any room. It gives you the opportunity to display your creativity and add a bit of Americana to your home in the process.

Reclaimed Lumber Adds Depth

The rich coloration often found in reclaimed Redwood, red cedar, or Douglas fir is impressive in any application. This type of lumber is not available through modern managed forestry as it requires years of natural compression and allowing the wood to age naturally. Even without the potential historical value of reclaimed lumber, the density and coloration alone make it excellent for use as a feature wall.

Reclaimed Lumber as a Backdrop

Your feature wall is the backdrop of your personal displays, but it works well in its own right. Reclaimed lumber is often applied as an interior paneling material – the deep color and smooth texture making it suitable for applications of all types. Left bare or sanded and sealed, using reclaimed lumber for a decorative interior wall is an excellent weekend project.

At The Lumber Baron, we enjoy weekend construction projects which demonstrate the quality and beauty of old-growth reclaimed lumber. When a customer comes in with questions about which type of wood to use or asking where our hand-selected reclaimed material is from, we are happy to put our decades of experience to work. We know that reclaimed lumber gives a room a visible advantage, and we would be happy to show you some of the options we have available.


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