Buying Local: Know the History of the Products in your next Project

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The Lumber Baron is a different kind of lumber company. We specialize in reclaimed lumber such as redwood, Douglas fir, cedar, and other types of wood that are rarely found in chain-store lumber yards. In addition to having a higher quality than today’s managed-forest lumber, reclaimed material has a historical value that is often visible in the grain, texture, and color of the wood itself.

Where It Came From

The reclaimed lumber we carry comes from all over the country. It was used in many types of wood-based construction, from barns and fences to bridges and factories. In cases such as material reclaimed from bridges, tanks, and vats, the original application has altered the look and feel of the wood, creating unique colors and textures which cannot be duplicated in modern lumber.

When It Was Used

Reclaimed lumber has a history of its own. Whether chosen from a decommissioned factory or selected during the dismantling of the old SF Bay Bridge, each piece adds a bit of Americana to your projects. Originally cut from the old-growth forests of the western United States, the lumber was used in construction during the late 1800s through the mid-1900s, and many pieces still bear the original milling marks of the mills where it was processed.

How It Was Selected

Our representatives go on location to examine and procure only the best pieces of reclaimed lumber with a focus on historical value, aesthetic appearance, and lumber quality. Our goal is to offer only the best reclaimed lumber, applying 40 years of lumber experience to find the best material from America’s old-growth heyday.

Why Reclaimed Lumber is Better

In addition to unique coloration and textures created by exposure to elements and ingredients, reclaimed lumber has an unrivaled quality. Often taken from the heartwood of massive trees felled during western expansion, reclaimed lumber is known for dense, strong grain patterns. And because of the density of the wood, it is more resistant to rot and infestation. Finally, reusing lumber is a greener, more environmentally friendly way to build.

Since 1978, The Lumber Baron has served the Bay Area. We are a family owned and operated business, and offer new and reclaimed lumber. We also maintain our own sawmill on site, which means your reclaimed lumber can be custom-milled for the finish and size you need, even if you require custom-sizing no longer available from other sources. We are a different kind of lumber company and encourage you to stop in and see how we stand apart.

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