Expertise needed to correctly place concrete

Expertise Needed to Correctly Place Concrete - Conco

Large construction projects require significant expertise to be completed accurately, on-time, and on-budget consistently. The Conco Companies leverage their certified, experienced teams to accurately place concrete and to ensure that concrete achieves the strength and shape it was designed and engineered to take on. Additionally, their shotcrete services in Portland and across the Western U.S. place concrete in unique forms quickly with reduced formwork, all of which requires a set of expertise specific to that form of concrete placement.

Traditional concrete placement

Concrete placement has come a long way in the last two hundred years: from early operations that involved workers endlessly pushing wheelbarrows of freshly mixed concrete from the mixing location to the placement site and then placing the concrete by hand, to more modern operations that employ state of the art technology such as boom pumps that can rapidly place large amounts of concrete over immense surface areas. With that evolution of concrete placement practice has also come a great deal of skill from those who work in the field. Those who place concrete must have knowledge of what mixture of concrete, methods, and tools best inhibit the segregation of concrete, which can occur if the distance the concrete must fall from the placement nozzle through the formwork is too great. They also must work quickly to be sure each horizontal layer is placed before the previous begins to set to ensure bonding, and be familiar with operating a boom pump which involves maneuvering a long robotic arm that can pump high volumes of liquid concrete.

Shotcrete placement

In addition to traditional methods of placing concrete, which includes hand, line pump, and boom pump placement, concrete contractors can also employ shotcrete services, which requires its own particular skill set to be done accurately. Shotcrete is concrete sprayed through a hose at high velocity onto a surface, and due to the unique qualities of this concrete mixture, shotcrete also achieves the same structural properties as concrete that is placed using the other methods.

Those who work with shotcrete placement are called nozzlemen, and they must know how to properly mix the concrete so it has the correct ratio of additives and other components to flow through the line and also eventually gain the characteristic strength of concrete. Nozzlemen must also have skill in operating a high velocity placement nozzle to achieve precise, structurally sound, and sometimes aesthetically appealing, concrete forms.

At The Conco Companies, we are one of the leading concrete contractors in the Western U.S. and offer a wide range of quality services and products. Our experience includes providing services for commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects. Please contact us for more information about our full range of premium Portland area concrete services including shotcrete.


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