Creative holiday gifts using reclaimed lumber

Wine bottles with white cork lying in row in wooden shelf

Reclaimed lumber is excellent for everything from coffee tables to wine racks. The Lumber Baron recommends gifts made from reclaimed lumber for all sorts of projects. Keep in mind that reclaimed lumber works best for natural wood creations rather than those which will be painted, and the sky’s the limit.

Household Furniture

Coffee tables and end tables are ideal projects for holiday gifts. Using reclaimed lumber brings out that something extra, and the cured nature of the wood means it will resist warping and decay. Building a table set means you can add in the extras that make life convenient, such as a hidden under-top storage area, or slide-out wings to accommodate larger holiday spreads.

Tabletop Coasters

Coasters prevent cups or glasses from leaving a condensation ring on your wooden table tops. The coasters can be cut using a jigsaw or a large-bole hole saw, and then sanded and stained to suit. Reclaimed lumber accentuates any wood decor, with unique coloration and wood grain. Because you are cutting out sections of the wood, you can even use a lower grade of reclaimed lumber and simply omit the knots and blemishes.

Rustic Wine Rack

A rustic wine rack built with reclaimed lumber is always a great idea. Whether you want to create a collapsible rack or a sturdier, more permanent rack, reclaimed lumber can give your creation an old-world feel. Staining and sealing the rack is a matter of taste, and many project builders forego stains and sealants in favor of preserving the wood’s natural coloration.

Racks and Hangers

Key hangers, mail sorters, and coat racks are all decorative gift ideas that can be made from reclaimed lumber. Choose the type of reclaimed material to fit the recipient’s home decor, and have fun with your project. Larger projects would do better with reclaimed redwood, but it is easier to work with cedar or Douglas fir.

Reclaimed Lumber Manger

Building a nativity scene out of reclaimed lumber has advantages. The old-growth material is resistant to decay, moisture, and warping, and that means the manger will fit perfectly as a rustic crib. For the best results, leave the wood natural, without sanding, staining or other finishes.

For 40 years, The Lumber Baron has been the Bay Area’s go-to source for reclaimed lumber. Our selection of Douglas fir, redwood, and western red cedar are hand-picked at locations which vary from bridges and storage tanks to barns and decommissioned factories. Stop by today and begin your holiday shopping with reclaimed lumber.


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