The Role of Concrete in San Diego’s Infrastructure Projects

The Role of Concrete in San Diegos Infrastructure Projects - Conco

As the city’s population expands, there is a growing need for a diversity of housing units in San Diego. In addition to single family housing, multi-family residences are sought after in the urban center for newcomers, as well as for long-standing residents looking to downsize or move from the suburbs. With the increase in the population and greater density of people in an area, cities like San Diego, through public and private initiatives alike, also look to strengthen or expand necessary components of their infrastructure, such as roads, parking, and major utilities like electricity and water. Trends in housing often mean a boom in construction sites with a variety of uses and a need for skilled contractors, including commercial concrete contractors in San Diego, to tackle the various components of the impending projects.

Miramar Clearwell Improvement Project

In north San Diego, general contractor Shimmick is taking on a renovation project at the Miramar Water Treatment Plant, which was built in 1962, to increase the capacity of the plant and meet the demand of the growing city. The project, called Miramar Clearwell Improvement Project, started in 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2020, and will add an additional 58 million gallons of storage capacity to the clearwells, which hold water after its completed treatment and before it is distributed to the potable water system. The project also includes a new chlorine contact chamber and an adjoining lift station, as well as a new operations building. For this large-scale project, The Conco Companies was contracted to provide concrete pumping services and to utilize its varied inventory of pumping technology.

Concrete Pump Technology

The structure and design of the clearwells, essentially large cylindrical tanks, is best accomplished with the use of concrete, due to concrete’s ability to be placed in nearly any shape with the help of formwork or with shotcrete, and, when reinforced, to withstand immense compressive and shear forces. Placing concrete in this cylindrical shape also often requires boom pumps to achieve the height needed to pour vertically into the formwork. Boom pumps are comprised of a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm that can span long distances and place large volumes of concrete mixture with accuracy, and they are the ideal pumping technology for large projects such as the Miramar Clearwell Improvement Project.

The Conco Companies’ mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western U.S. and to bring expertise and incomparable quality to each project. We continue to upgrade and expand our facilities to better serve the growing market for commercial, educational, parking structures, public works projects, and other development. Contact us to learn more about the services from one of the most trusted concrete contractors in San Diego.

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