Seattle: What does it mean to have ASA certified nozzlemen

Seattle’s quickly growing and evolving cityscape means that construction teams across the city are always in need of skilled professionals to complete the variety of projects this development presents. As in most cities, concrete is an essential material and those with an expertise is in utilizing it in building, such as Seattle’s commercial concrete contractors, are typically in high demand. One differentiator among these contractors can be their skill and experience with shotcrete, a unique method of concrete placement. Shotcrete is an efficient, versatile building material and a concrete contractor who has certified operators, called nozzleman, can be a valuable asset to construction projects.

Skilled Shotcrete Placement

Shotcrete is a particular mix of concrete sprayed through a hose at high velocity onto a surface. Due to the uniquely-engineered qualities of this concrete mixture, shotcrete is able to achieve the same structural properties as concrete that is placed using the other methods, such as pouring concrete into formwork. Shotcrete is often used on vertical or curved surfaces due to its pneumatic placement method that requires little to no formwork. Those who work with shotcrete placement are called nozzlemen, and they must have skill in operating a high velocity placement nozzle to achieve precise, structurally sound, and sometimes aesthetically appealing concrete forms. This is a particular skill set that the American Shotcrete Association has codified into their nationally-recognized certification process.

ASA Nozzleman Certification

Founded in 1998, the American Shotcrete Association is a non-profit organization of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, designers, engineers, owners, and others with a common interest in advancing the use of shotcrete. The organization seeks to provide resources, qualification, certification, education, and leadership to increase the acceptance, quality, and safe practices of the shotcrete process. Through their Nozzleman certification program, ASA offers a common core of operational knowledge and safety practices through their Shotcrete Nozzleman certification program in order to establish a basic skill level for shotcrete placement. In Seattle, the Conco Companies is a leading shotcrete specialist and they utilize certified nozzleman on their concrete projects in order to ensure the efficient application of shotcrete that meets the designed standards and characteristics of the structure, while keeping the project on time and on budget.

The Conco Companies’ mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Western U.S. and to bring expertise and incomparable quality to each project. We continue to upgrade and expand our facilities to better serve the growing market for commercial, educational, parking structures, public works projects, and other development. Contact us to learn more about the services from one of the most trusted concrete contractors in Seattle.


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