Reclaimed Hardwood Spotlight: Kapur Timbers

Lumber Baron - Reclaimed Hardwood Spotlight - Kapur Timbers

The Lumber Baron is the Bay Area’s premiere source for reclaimed lumber such as redwood, douglas fir, and Kapur timber. Known for its durability and strength, Kapur timber is an excellent choice for residential and commercial projects.

History of Reclaimed Kapur Timber

Originally used in the Copper King mine of Yavapai, AZ, our reclaimed Kapur timbers date back to 1881. It was chosen for use in the mine’s elevator shafts because of its density and strength, a prerequisite for lumber trusted to protect the lives of miners. The lumber was imported from the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia, but this old-growth material is only available through reclaimed lumber yards such as The Lumber Baron today.

Appearance of Kapur Timber

Kapur timbers vary widely in color. The wood ranges from yellow or light orange to a rich red or purplish brown. Our selection of 6×8 timbers has a dense grain pattern and striking appearance. For furniture or mantels, the material does not need to be stained or painted but should be sealed or treated to prevent being stained by spills or other contaminants.

Benefits of Kapur Timbers

Old growth lumber such as our Kapur timbers is a prized wood product that is not available through more conventional lumber stores because the old growth forests no longer exist. It is a very dense hardwood, which means that it is durable and resistant to decay. Like our old growth redwood, these Kapur timbers are a uniquely beautiful material which is perfect for:

  • Furniture
  • Exposed Beams
  • Mantels
  • Cabinetry
  • Trim
  • Decks

Properties of Kapur Lumber

Kapur lumber does not require finishing because it is resistant to the damage caused by sunlight and weather. It will naturally weather to a pleasant shade of gray, similar to the appearance of weathered teak. The wood also has a distinctive odor when freshly cut, reminiscent of a mixture of cinnamon and camphor. Naturally occurring silicates in the material may have a moderate dulling effect on cutting edges, and pre-drilling is advised for screws and nails to prevent the dense material from cracking or splitting, but it can be planed easily and with great precision. While it is receptive to paints and stains, such coatings are a matter of preference rather than a requirement.

Old-growth Kapur lumber is only available in limited qualities due to the loss of its native rainforests. The Lumber Baron is proud to offer an impressive selection and has an on-site lumber mill to provide resurfacing and custom sizing to provide you with the best appearance and usability. Stop by the Lumber Baron today for a personal look at why this lumber is prized among woodworkers.

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