Weekend Project: Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

reclaimed-lumber-barn-door-the-lumber-baronBuilding a barn door out of reclaimed lumber is a great weekend project. Reclaimed cedar, redwood, and Douglas fir are all ideal choices for barn door materials, and some of your salvaged wood may come with a history of similar use. Whether you are looking for a natural wood patina or hardy lumber able to stand up to harsh winters and hot summers, reclaimed lumber makes the perfect choice.

Cedar Doors

Cedar lumber has been a favorite barn door material for more than a century, standing up to the test of time without spitting, warping, or succumbing to pests. Whether you prefer the original faded patina or want to resurface the cedar for a brand new look, Western red cedar is a popular and lasting choice.

Old Growth is Best

Salvaged wood originally cut from old growth forests is considered prime material for barn doors. It allows you the confidence of sturdy construction while providing a natural appearance that can only be achieved through decades of use. And because reclaimed lumber tends to be much denser than today’s fresh-cut options, it is easier to work without chipping, splintering, or splitting.

History in the Making

Another benefit of using reclaimed lumber for a new barn door is the historic value of the material. Taken from decommissioned bridges, factories, barns and tanks, hand-selected reclaimed lumber adds a bit of Americana to your project. Not only will your door have built-in longevity, it will even carry a bit of conversational value.

Milling and Finishing

Reclaimed lumber can be milled for a clean, fresh surface, stained to preserve the natural grain of the wood, or painted for a personal flourish. Depending on the material you select, how you finish the final product will make a difference, such as preserving original milling marks or milling the wood to match demanding specifications.

Reclaimed barn door material is also great use throughout your home renovation projects. From shelving to furniture, reclaimed lumber taken from decommissioned barns all over the western United States can make a fashion statement inside or outside your home.


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