Cracked Windshield? What to do next


Need a Windshield Replacement? What to do Next

It can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t have anything to do with driving skills. You are driving down the road and suddenly hear that awful sound of something hitting your windshield. The next thing you see is a crack developing from where the impact occurred and you need a windshield replacement.

Cracked windshields are most often the result of auto accidents, but second to that are the flying rocks and debris you encounter as you drive along a freeway, highway, or even those quiet country roads. A cracked windshield cannot be ignored, and it cannot fix itself; it can only get worse.

Dangers of Having a Cracked Windshield

The first danger comes from obstructing your view, but there are other dangers involved with having a windshield with a crack.

  • Easier to shatter during an accident

Your windshield is designed to transfer force from a frontal collision down to the chassis, so you and anyone else in the vehicle experience less impact. If your windshield is cracked, it will shatter easier if you have a front-end accident. The glass will then fly around the inside of your vehicle increasing your risk of severe injuries.

  • Affects Airbag Effectiveness

When you are involved in an accident, your airbag is triggered, and your windshield acts as a backdrop to force the inflated bag towards you as protection. If your windshield is cracked, it is likely it will not be able to withstand the force needed when the airbag deploys. If the windshield cannot direct the airbag back towards you, you could face much more severe injuries in the accident.

These situations are just a couple of reasons; it is so essential to repair a cracked windshield. The best solution is taking your vehicle to a professional such as Dan’s Glass in Concord, CA, but you should also take steps to prevent the crack from getting worse right away.

Windshield Repair Kit

It’s important to prevent the crack from getting worse before you can get your vehicle in for a professional auto glass replacement. One solution you can try is to use a windshield repair kit. There are several kits to choose from that contain an adaptor and special resin. The resin goes into the crack and seals it from weather elements and debris. With your windshield sealed, it reduces stressors on the glass and prevents it from cracking further.

Super Glue

If the crack is small in your windshield, you can apply Super Glue. Force the glue into the crack or spread an even layer over the crack as a temporary fix until you can have your windshield professionally replaced.

Nail Polish

Clear acrylic nail polish has been used by some as a temporary fix to a cracked windshield. This quick fix is not strong enough to withstand rain, extreme heat from the sun, or severe weather, but may get you by until you can take your vehicle to a professional windshield repair service such as Dan’s Glass.

Keep Car Shaded

Summer heat is extremely harsh within your car which can increase the pressure on your windshield. Other factors can increase the risk of a crack spreading such as wind, rain, or other elements, but the pressure from the summer heat is especially dangerous. When ever it is possible, park your car in the shade or inside a garage until you’ve had the windshield professionally replaced.

It doesn’t matter how your windshield cracked; what does matter is how soon you have your windshield replaced or professionally fixed. A cracked windshield will only get worse, putting you at risk while you are out driving, or creating a more expensive fix.

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