Smart tips when buying reclaimed lumber


Reclaimed lumber has become popular for many reasons, including durability and environmentally friendly wood projects. To help you get the most out of your reclaimed redwood or douglas fir, we’ve put together some smart tips to help you choose and use it for the best results.

Select With Care

Reclaimed douglas fir is available in multiple grades, and some grades are more suitable for different projects. Choose your reclaimed lumber carefully, with an eye on what you plan to use it for. This can be especially true when you are making unique furniture, headboards, or beams because selecting lumber which displays original milling marks or saw cuts can add historic value to the finished project.

Clean It

Reclaimed lumber was cut decades ago, and has been exposed to the elements or specific materials for most of the intervening time. The Lumber Baron can resurface your lumber for you, but it is still a good idea to clean it well before using it. Not only will remove unwanted dirt, it will also make cutting the lumber easier and less taxing on your saw blades.

Inspect Before You Buy

Look at your chosen reclaimed lumber carefully. Check for loose knots, minor warping and other inconsistencies in the lumber. Having the lumber milled can eliminate minor warps and return the wood’s inner luster. If you notice serious problems in the wood you have chosen, look for another piece or ask one of the staff at The Lumber Baron how to work around the problems. For example, minor splits at one end may not be a problem at all if you need a shorter length than what you have selected.

Ask About History

Reclaimed lumber comes from buildings, bridges, wine vats, and many other sources. Ask about the history of the lumber you are buying so you can add a conversational value to your finished project. Even the best-looking countertop or mantel is more appealing when you can talk about where the wood came from before it got to you.

Because reclaimed lumber is naturally resistant to insects and decay, you are getting a better material to work with from the outset. By inspecting it carefully before you buy and cleaning or resurfacing it before you begin to use it, you will be able to produce high quality wood projects that can last a lifetime– and give you something to talk about in the process.

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