What to look for in a window installation company


The windows in your home are your view to the outside world as well as your protection from the elements outside. When it is time to install new windows or replace old ones, you want an installation company that has the experience to do the job right.

When an installation company comes to your home for residential window replacement, you want them to do quality work and install quality windows. You will build a relationship with this company that may go beyond the installation process, so you want a company you can trust.

When comparing window installation companies, consider these factors to help you decide which company will work best for you. Using more than just a dollar value can get you both a stylish window with a reliable window installation company to put them in your home or business.

Cost of the Window Installation

Rarely does a person go into the process of replacing windows and not have to worry about how much it will cost. You will have a budget to work within, so you want to find the best deal. Getting hung up on the cost can be a negative factor; however, if you are willing to give up on craftsmanship, material quality, and installation experience.

Looking beyond the sticker price and looking instead at the potential cost of the replacements throughout their life could potentially save you money in the long run. You don’t want to replace your residential glass with a product that will require maintenance or cost you more in energy bills. Energy efficient windows installed by an experienced installer will cost you less over time.

Options in Glass Choices

It is difficult to see the differences between your glass choices. Manufacturers can claim energy efficiency, but how can you tell if the claim is valid? You want to choose your glass from a company with the reputation and certification proving their product is as reliable as they claim. Check the ratings of the glass as well as the actual specifications so you can compare the options based on a standardized system.

Consider the climate in California and that around the Bay Area if that is where you reside or conduct business to determine the rating you’ll need for your glass. Will you need a stronger glass or an impact-resistant one to withstand different weather elements? Each brand of glass offers various options and materials that go into them. Dan’s Glass can help you select the glass you need for the area you live, and provide expert installation of the highest quality window replacements.

Material Surrounding Window

Some of the most common choices for the material surrounding a window are fiberglass, vinyl, or wood. You will find there is a wide range of brands to choose from when you begin your window replacement project. You will also notice there is a wide range of prices between these materials and the brands.

Look deeper than just what type of material you are comparing and make sure you are looking at the quality of that product. One thing to look for is some manufacturers will offer solid wood on the interior, while others will not be able to give you the interior aesthetic that is possible with a solid wood interior.

While you go through the window replacement process, it may become hard to keep track of all the information you’ll be learning. Writing it down and charting it might help you with the comparison process. Working with a professional window installment company will also make the project more enjoyable.

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