Improve Productivity with Commercial Skylights

Improve Productivity with Commercial Skylights - commercial skylights - Mares Dow

Let the sun shine in. Science has proven that all creatures respond to the sun and light, and that includes us, humans. Unfortunately, most jobs won’t allow us to get outside daily for as long as we like to absorb that great old vitamin D, which is where building design matters. While most contractors will try to organize things so that your commercial site has regular windows for natural added light, this isn’t always possible. Especially in the cloudier area, like the Bay area of California, builders and owners need to get creative to make sure there are ample light and happy workers.

A background on sunshine and productivity

Our bodies naturally adapt to a rhythm of light and dark. This helps us set our sleep cycles, but also helps regulate hormones like melatonin and serotonin. In simpler terms, people often refer to these as the sleep hormone and the happy hormone. Darkness helps make us sleepier, and light helps make us happier.

While this is an oversimplification of things, there have been numerous studies positively linking serotonin and sunshine. And if you’re workers are happier, they are likely to be more productive. It makes sense, that happy workers equal a happy company. So what can commercial builders and companies do to increase this happiness?

One simple answer is to add more sunshine.

Add sunlight with commercial skylights

If you can’t add windows in the wall, try adding them to the ceiling. Commercial skylights are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes to transform your interior using natural light. There’s no need for a giant roof to enjoy huge benefits with many options to choose from. Select domed lighting in single, double, or triple options for an atrium feel that adds height and air. Connect modular skylights for an exact fit with added ventilation control. If you’re short on space or working with a larger depth ceiling, consider adding multiple sun tunnels. Much like they sound, these powerful but tiny windows provide an opening for the sunlight that might otherwise not be reachable.

And don’t forget that modern commercial skylights come with modern features. Your quality installation expert can talk you through the included flashing, condensation resistant panels, and leak-resistant seals. Gone are the days of high-maintenace skylights, as modern installations will require minimal upkeep.

Learn more about your commercial skylight options with the professional at Mares & Dow Construction, Inc., experts in residential and commercial remodeling.

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