Top Siding Trends: 2021 is the Year of Contrast

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This year, siding contractors are predicting an upward trend in homeowners requesting siding that contrasts with their trim, accents, and other home features. The trend has been building for some time, and you might’ve noticed that with new home developments—or in your own neighborhood.

If you’re thinking about installing new siding, it’s worth considering how trends are playing into home exterior design. Below is a breakdown of the top contrasting designs:

Dark Siding, Light Accents

Siding that is black, deep blue, and dark gray, has increased in popularity because it’s bold, dramatic, and pops with a modern touch. Black- and charcoal-toned siding are especially trending higher with farm-style houses, which use board & batten siding for an appearance that mixes traditional and modern design. It can be risky to have such dark siding, but the board & batten has a texture that adds dimension when sunlight plays on it. 

Siding that skews black can be balanced with wooden columns, porches, and large windows for a modern aesthetic. If your home isn’t farm-style or wood doesn’t interest you, you can balance dark siding with light trim and accents. If you think dark siding would look great on your home but you’d like a professional opinion, siding contractors can advise you

Light Siding, Dark Accents

If you’re not interested in standing out on the block, or if doing so might go against your Homeowner Association rules, you can still use a contrasting theme. White siding and dark accents will give your home a classy look without putting you in the spotlight, because neighborhoods typically trend toward hues in between white and black, with white siding more common than black siding. Dark accents on light siding is still a bold combination, but is far more conservative than covering your home with black or charcoal siding.  

Contrasting Siding and Garage Doors

A common exterior design guideline is to make the garage doors “vanish,” or design the home in a way that minimizes the garage’s existence. The garage doors can instead be a highlight, especially if they have unique designs and contrast against your siding. 

Plain garage doors that lack windows or paneling might not be worth highlighting, but if you’re up to an additional investment in 2021, you can have a home remodeling contractor install new doors that complement your siding. For example, black garage doors with gridded windows and complex panelling would contrast great against a home featuring white siding and black trim.

Drive through town for contrasting inspiration

If you’re not completely sold on contrasting colors, take a drive through recently developed neighborhoods or nearby suburbs. Also take a look online by image searching “contrasting home siding” and other related phrases. Contrast doesn’t have to be stark, and your aesthetics might be more aligned with subtleties.

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