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LEED Building Certifications and Concrete

New developments and buildings spring up in Seattle every day. In many of these new structures people may notice a LEED Green Building certification on the wall, but some may wonder what it means to receive this award? There are … Continue reading

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Strategies for Effective Concrete Curing in San Jose

San Jose has seen a great deal of new development over the years, in both the commercial and residential sectors. This growth has kept area construction professionals busy and weathering the challenges posed by San Jose’s unique Bay Area microclimates. … Continue reading

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Shotcrete Technology and Expertise

Shotcrete delivers concrete efficiently and effectively. Similar in composition to standard concrete that is mixed on-site and pumped into forms to set, shotcrete is sprayed into place instead of poured.  Due to its ability to place cement in multiple forms … Continue reading

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Concrete Mixes that Meet the Specs of Each Project

At The Conco Companies, our portfolio includes a wide variety of projects that have required the use of various concrete mixes to meet their unique specifications.  For projects that require extremely durable and/or high-strength concrete, High-performance Concrete (HPC) is used. … Continue reading

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Placing Shotcrete Expertly and Cost-effectively

At The Conco Companies, our shotcrete services provide an excellent alternative to traditional cast-in-place walls.  Since shotcrete is pneumatically placed, it virtually eliminates the forming process, saving time and money, while still offering the same structural characteristics as traditional concrete … Continue reading

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Working with the Top Names in the Construction Industry

The Conco Companies have been honored to work with many of the top names in the construction industry including the Turner Construction Company, Clark Construction Group and Devcon Construction Inc. These partnerships have given us the opportunity to work on … Continue reading

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What Are The Top Uses of Shotcrete?

  Shotcrete is not a material, but a technique of applying concrete at high velocities through a hose. This application method shaves time and money and is gaining popularity in the building community each day. Though shotcrete can be used … Continue reading

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