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General Contractors: Referrals Matter

Finding a general contractor can be a stressful process. Regardless if you have an exciting home project or an important fix needed in your home, you want the job done right the first time. The stakes and investment involved when … Continue reading

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Making a Reclaimed Lumber Barn Door

Reclaimed lumber is used in many different applications. From interior countertops to exterior fences, reclaimed lumber has advantages that today’s new-growth lumber cannot match. As the premier place to find reclaimed lumber in the Bay Area, The Lumber Baron can … Continue reading

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Preparing your Home for a Contractor

You’ve finished all the planning and decision making that goes into a home remodel or renovation. It’s been a long process to get to this point, and now all that is left is the actual construction. While the hard part … Continue reading

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Reclaimed Douglas Fir: Learn about its History

For 40 years, The Lumber Baron has been the Bay Area’s source for quality lumber. We specialize in old-growth, reclaimed lumber such as redwood and Douglas fir, with milling and resurfacing capabilities on-site. We have learned a lot about lumber, … Continue reading

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Commercial Glass Trends

The glass at your office or storefront is one of the first things customers see. It can set the tone for your business and how customers engage with it; inviting customers to window shop, to see happy customers eating meals, … Continue reading

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Consider the Permeability of Concrete in Your Next Project

Concrete is a matrix of cement, aggregate, water, air and additives. The cement bonds together large and small aggregates such as pebbles and sand, while water, air, and additives are introduced in varying quantities to create the desired mixture. The … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Concrete

Concrete can be not only a functional aspect of construction, but also an intentional design element. This can be seen in polished and stamped concrete in Portland. Decorative concrete works to manipulate the surface of concrete for aesthetic appeal. There … Continue reading

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Weekend Project: Reclaimed Lumber Picnic Table

Summer BBQ gatherings are just around the corner and now is the time to build a picnic table with some reclaimed lumber from The Lumber Baron. Here, we have provided you with a few links to plans and suggestions to … Continue reading

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Recycling Fly Ash for Concrete

Building projects and energy production are two industries vital to infrastructure and the economy. At the same time, energy production has negative environmental impacts, and the construction industry is one of the largest consumers of energy.  These two industries combine … Continue reading

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Shotcrete Technology and Expertise

Shotcrete delivers concrete efficiently and effectively. Similar in composition to standard concrete that is mixed on-site and pumped into forms to set, shotcrete is sprayed into place instead of poured.  Due to its ability to place cement in multiple forms … Continue reading

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