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Spills or stains? How to clean your reclaimed lumber

The reclaimed lumber available from The Lumber Baron is hand-selected for its quality and condition. It is important to understand, however, that this lumber has a long history which usually involves decades of exposure to the elements. Before using it … Continue reading

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San Jose’s Surge in Urban Development

As the largest city in California’s Bay Area, San Jose is the home to several new commercial and residential construction projects. Tech companies large and small are making their way to the city and new homes and apartments, as well … Continue reading

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The Role of Concrete in San Diego’s Infrastructure Projects

As the city’s population expands, there is a growing need for a diversity of housing units in San Diego. In addition to single family housing, multi-family residences are sought after in the urban center for newcomers, as well as for … Continue reading

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Construction that Revitalizes in Denver’s LoDo

Denver, known also as the Mile High City, lies at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, at the place where the vast mid-western plains abruptly give rise to rugged forests and craggy peaks that are topped with snow nearly year-round. … Continue reading

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A review of Conco’s latest projects

The Conco Companies continues to deliver innovative concrete services for major projects. From reinforcement to concrete pumping to shotcrete, Conco provides a full range of concrete contractor services in Portland and throughout the Western U.S. With a track record of … Continue reading

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Consider the Permeability of Concrete in Your Next Project

Concrete is a matrix of cement, aggregate, water, air and additives. The cement bonds together large and small aggregates such as pebbles and sand, while water, air, and additives are introduced in varying quantities to create the desired mixture. The … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Concrete

Concrete can be not only a functional aspect of construction, but also an intentional design element. This can be seen in polished and stamped concrete in Portland. Decorative concrete works to manipulate the surface of concrete for aesthetic appeal. There … Continue reading

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